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We install, repair and replace Custom Shower Doors, Panels and Enclosures in Ship Bottom NJ 08008, including Frameless Showers, Sliding Shower Doors, Swinging Doors, Corner Showers, and more.

If you need new shower doors or a shower enclosure for your Ship Bottom, NJ home, we can provide many options. Perhaps your current shower is too small, or your shower doors no longer slide smoothly. Maybe you just want a new shower to add to the decor of your bathroom. Whatever the style or configuration for your Ship Bottom, NJ shower doors and enclosure, Anthony's Glass Service of Ship Bottom can help!

Anthony's Glass Service provides installation, repair and replacement of quality custom glass shower doors, shower panels and enclosures in Ship Bottom, NJ at affordable prices. We have many sizes and door styles to choose from to suit any budget or taste. Whether you're looking for a sliding bypass door, hinged/pivot door or glass shower panel, we are sure to have a shower enclosure you'll enjoy for years to come.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors in Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

Shower Doors | Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 | Anthony's Glass Service, LLC
Turn your shower into a work of art with heavy glass frameless shower doors provided by Anthony's Glass Service in Ship Bottom, NJ. Unlike framed glass shower doors, frameless shower doors do not need metal support to function. They have a clean, modern, streamlined appearance that many Ship Bottom homeowners prefer over framed shower doors. They also offer a wider range of motion because the hinges can swing the door both inward and outward.

Because frameless shower doors and tub enclosures have a less visible appearance, they can be used when you want to show off the tile work in your shower area.

Select the glass, hardware and finish you want for your Ship Bottom frameless glass shower door from a premium selection of designs to create your own personal oasis. Nothing enhances a bathroom like a heavy glass frameless shower enclosure. Glass enclosures make your bathroom feel more open, luxurious, and timeless. There's no better way to instantly upgrade your bathroom.

With a standard thickness of 3/8" (or thickness of 1/2" for larger shower doors), our Ship Bottom, NJ frameless shower doors are elegant, safe, functional, and virtually maintenance-free. They're also completely personalized to fit with the layout and design of your space. And if you're remodeling your Ship Bottom bathroom, or building a new bathroom, Anthony's Glass Service can provide your bathroom with fully custom frameless glass shower doors to suit any specifications.

Framed Glass Shower Doors in Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

Framed glass shower doors have a heavy duty aluminum frame around their interior edges. If you're upgrading your Ship Bottom home's shower from a shower curtain to a glass shower door, a framed glass shower door is a great, cost-effective option because it's cleaner and nicer looking than a shower curtain. Plus the aluminum frame around the shower door provides stability.

Shower Doors | Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 | Anthony's Glass Service, LLC

Inline Glass Shower Doors in Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

Most inline shower doors consist of a glass door panel which is usually connected to one or multiple glass panels at 180º. It is this arrangement that causes the glasses to form an inline design. An inline shower door may be a single swinging door connected to a complete glass panel or full panels on either side of the door. In some cases, the inline panels are notched at one end to accommodate a shower seat, knee wall or any other design features that the client requires. Inline doors are either framed or frameless.

Fixed Shower Panel With Rolling Door

A fixed shower panel with a rolling or sliding door features two different parts. The first part is a fixed shower panel that remains stationary, and the second part is a rolling door that slides from the left to the right. The door slides in front of the stationary panel when it is opened and seals off your shower when it is closed. Fixed shower panels with rolling doors are perfect in small bathrooms where you may not have room for something like a door to swing outward.

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